Action on Climate Change

Climate change is dramatically impacting the environment. The debate about it continues but the effects can be seen and most affect those in dire situation. In order to combat this, through funding from Volunteering Services Oversees (VSO) in partnership with WCC the climate change project was set up. Various projects were set up in Kenya which the WCC has identified will promote within the community. These objectives are to highlight climate change and how to promote an income generating project. The women with disabilities were shown how planting trees would result in a sustainable environment. The premise of this is to grow the trees and in future sell the trees to either the government, forestry service or to lumber companies.

The team of WCC and VSO volunteer went around Kenya in order assist in education and promotion of this method. The Kenya forest service were the main stakeholders in educating the community as well as providing the seedlings. The VSO funds allowed the WCC to facilitate the purchase of the seedlings from the Kenya forest service. Not only this the wheelbarrows, watering cans, rakes, watering cans, water tanks, water pipes and many others were brought to ease the implementation of the project.

Nyeri Disabled Women Group

Receiving the Tree Seedlings

Tree Seedlings Ready for Plantation

Tree Seedlings Ready for Plantation

In Kakamega a district officer was in attendance and even participated in the workshop of the climate change. This support showed commitment to the project from the government which helped brew excitement into the community.

Planting Tree Seedlings in Kakamega

Planting Tree Seedlings in Kakamega

The long-term goal of this project is to allow communities to become self-sufficient; at the same time impact the environment in a positive way. There have been numerous challenges to this project but the main theme seemed to be lack of commitment by the group as well as adverse weather. Other challenges were women were not allowed to own land and plant seedlings.

In future the main issue to address is to educate the community on discrimination which are ingrained due to cultural beliefs. Support from government would also allow a better involvement from the community and perhaps increase in this project from the women’s group.

In conclusion the success of this project hinges on the pledge from the women’s group; WCC as well as VSO can only educate and facilitate the programme.

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