Economic Empowerment for Persons with Disability

The economic empowerment program was created in order support the women with micro financing loans. The idea behind it is to reduce the financial burden the women are facing. Other aspects behind this program is to educate entrepreneurial skills to the women as they put forward their business plan which will be reviewed by WCC before approving the loans. 

The loans are funded by the European Research Centre, from Geneva, with the aim of improving the lives of the women with disabilities and hopefully use this opportunity to escape poverty. One of the beneficiaries are the Embakasi Deaf Women Group who are made of up different types of businesses within the Embakasi Constituency in Nairobi County. WCC setup a meeting in order to ascertain ways to improve their projects and boost their businesses through the micro financing. 

Rosemary is one of the women who have benefited from the micro financing loan. She is a member of the Embakasi Deaf Woman Group and with the initial 10,000 KHS loan, she opened up a small store. As she progressed in expanding her business, she requested a new loan which she used to setup a photocopying business. From the micro financing plan supported by WCC and CERN, Rosemary now has financial security and has enhanced her standard of living.


Before this opportunity arose, Rosemary had difficulty in meeting her basic needs and her disability hindered her progress. When she was looking employment, her application was rejected as potential employers believed her disability would make her a liability. Not only did she face discrimination but had to deal with the harsh reality of society’s mentality.

Fortunately she is on her way becoming economically independent due to this program. Rosemary has become an inspiration to other members of the women group as she challenges them to take advantage of the economic empowerment program. Rosemary is one of many stories out in Kenya who have benefited from this and the women are repaying their loans in order request a new loan. This is to expand their initial business in order to generate an increase in revenue. Despite the challenges most of the women are determined and self disciplined in order to achieve financial security.

Embakasi Deaf Women Group

Embakasi Deaf Women Group

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