Peanut Butter, Chapatis and Women Challenged

One of the major income streams for WCC is a peanut butter business. This should, in the coming weeks, be more widely available. The production site has recently been given the thumbs up and with some minor changes to packaging and marketing we should be good to go.

However, this is as much a human story as an economic one. Mama Bwayo runs our peanut butter operation as well as a busy canteen beside our office inspite of her disability. She began making the peanut butter on a project helped by WCC working with a blind lady, in time Mama Bwayo came to run the operation. The WCC wanted to raise some cash whilst also empowering women with impediments.  This idea of empowerment and finacial achievement has been grasped fully by Mama Bwayo.

After finishing making the peanut butter Mama Bwayo found that she had time spare.  Though rather than be bored or go home early she decided to set up shop and has a regular and steady stream of lunchtime customers queueing for her traditional food.

She also does a roaring trade in breakfast chapatis making 40 or so, I suspect many more in reality, by hand everyday. These chapatis are almost the first thing people talk about when they discuss the WCC office, they featured in my introductory meeting and in the handover document that previous volunteers produced. They have a toothsome texture and a certain smokey character. They are particularly good with green grams, (stewed mung beans) and are exactly what is needed for lunch here.

Despite having a leg impediment her disability has not stopped her enterprising spirit.

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