5 Changes We Want to See in 10 Years

During the Network of African Women with Disability the meeting was asked to imagine a change they wanted to see in the world in 10 years. Here are a rundown of the best;

1.Increased disability access.

This is something which we are working towards now and is vital to allow people with disability take their place in the world.

2.A world free of camps but full of empowered women

We leave in the worst period of forced migration that has ever been. We need to act now to stem the grind of war and climate change and create a better world. The way forward lies in women doing their bit.

3.Increased visibility for those with disabilities.

More and more people with disability are taking a prominent role across politics, media, industry and commerce, we need to keep up the good work.

4.For sign language to become far more wiespread.

It is a great sadness that such a useful language, one which not only enables the deaf to communicate but also people who do not share a spoken langauge, is not taught with mainstream education. This needs to change.

5.For a Cape to Cairo Railway which could cross borders and be boarded by anyone regardless of race, gender or disability.

Rather than Cecil Rhodes’ fantasy this was suggested as a great symbol for a united Africa, finally free from the shackles of war and now open to peole of all creeds. We have seen already how difficult it is to get around Nairobi, it would be a giant leap forward to be able to travel the stretch of Africa without let or hinderance.


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