Disability and Sex

Let’s be frank. People with disability have sex. Each disability is, however, different and affects people in different ways and will impact in the bedroom in different ways.

Blindness and Deafness;

These do not pose a physical challenge to the actual act. However, it may make it more difficult to convey needs and desires.


There is no risk of catching Albinism from sexual contact, and the only impediment is societal prejudice.

Physical Disability:

Romina Puma has said it best:

“I know what kind of positions I like and which ones I can perform in for longer with my impairment. Just because you’re disabled it doesn’t mean that part of your life is over. I can have sex normally. Obviously, I don’t have the strength to do certain positions for a long time – but who does?

Sex is awkward for everyone – so it’s important to be open with your partner. If they understand how to pleasure you, it will help avoid people feeling awkward.”

Mental Disability:

Depending on the level of mental impairment there is an important issue with consent.  The medical profession has had to develop careful safeguards to perform procedures, and so it is particularly important that consent and what that means is discussed from a young age.


People with disability can also be sexy. Look at this photo shoot assisted by the UK charity Scope.

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