About WCC

Since 2001, WCC has given a collective voice on matters touching the lives of women with disabilities (WwD’s) in Kenya. Through WCC, WwD’s are able to lobby and advocate for issues of self-development with a unified voice.

Whilst working for a common national purpose for WwD’s, WCC also has over 1,300 individual members, including those with hearing and sight impairments, albinos and the physically and mentally challenged.

The governing and living principles and objectives of WCC are:

  1. To actively promote the participation of women with disabilities in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life
  2. To advocate on issues of concern to women with disabilities in Kenya
  3. To become the national representative organisation of women with disabilities in Kenya by undertaking systemic advocacy; providing policy advice; undertaking research; and providing support, information and education
  4. Increase economic independence for WwD’s
  5. Strengthening women’s political participation
  6. Advocating for the rights of women and children with disabilities
  7. Advocating for WwD’s health and reproductive rights
  8. To expand access to education and information for women and girls with disabilities
  9. Development of the infrastructure of the organization through capacity building