Disability and STDs

The shock that people with disability can and do have sex is often met me incredulity by people who should know better.

This means that people with disabilities are often simply not taught how to have safe sex, nor the reprcussions of having sex. This means that there is a noteable risk for the transmission of STDs. Read this guide about condoms to learn more about safe sex, and how it can be fun.

Just as people with disability aren’t educated it is feasible that their doctor might simply not believe their patient is suffering from an STD. Given that certain diseases only show symptoms once the disease has progressed it is vital to get treatment. There is a stigma attached but many cases are treatable.

Finally WCC has heard of cases where girls were forced into having a coil or other device against their will. This will stop a pregnancy but won’t stop a person with disability catching an unplesant infection. The coil does have a role to play but only alongside other forms of contraception. Rather avoiding the issue of disabled sex it is important to be frank with your children, your parents, friends and lovers about contraception.

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